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The 4014 Project


People we LOVE!

Over the past few years, The 4014 Project has grown to become a much-loved and appreciated group in the area. And as more and more musicians find us and join in, the 4014 name spreads further than ever before.

But none of this would be possible without the following fantastic charities and groups who have given us support and donations when we’ve needed them most.

If you’ve got spare cash which you’d like to put to use promoting local music in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, feel free to get in touch with us. (Remember, we’re not a charity, and make no effort to pretend to be one… we’re just kind-hearted folks who don’t want the hassle of filling in a filing cabinet of paperwork!)

If you’ve got a spare fiver, get in touch and we’ll send you a copy of The 4014 Project Charity CD - 21 tracks from local artists. Proceeds are split between 4014 and Malmesbury Carnival.

Our Supporters

The Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum

The Friends of Westonbirt ArboretumThis charity works in partnership with the Forestry Commission to ensure that Westonbirt is supported, cared for and enjoyed.

The Jack Lane Charitable Fund

Jack Lane Charitable TrustOur biggest challenge was finding money to set up The 4014 Project in the first place. We knew we could keep the ball rolling once we had a basic sound system for open mic nights.

Cue the Jack Lane Trust who stepped up enough money for us to buy a small PA. We are proud to report that the mixer and speakers are still in use.

C&G Rural Initiative Fund

C&G Rural Initiative FundThe building society gave The 4014 Project a cheque in our early days as part of their Rural Initiative Fund, which encouraged community groups in small towns and villages.

Malmesbury Carnival & Festival

Malmesbury CarnivalBy bringing local, live music to Malmesbury since 2006, we have been given donations from the Carnival kitty.

The Carnival committee earmarks donations for good causes in the town. We don’t consider ourselves to be a ‘good cause’, but clearly other people aren’t as modest as us!