Home to the live music line-up of Westonbirt Arboretum’s Treefest weekend.

We are proud to manage one of the most coveted local music festival stages of the season.

Treefest and The 4014 Project

The 4014 Project

27 - 29 August 2016

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The 4014 Project

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Six years of live music at Treefest has flown by! Thank you to everybody who played, helped, volunteered, supported, talked about, exhibited, laughed, wondered, wandered and smiled their way through any one of our Treefest appearances since 2011.

With two stages in 2016, and some epic thunderstorms, we certainly had our challenges. Happily all of the music line-up went to plan and on time. We’ll be publishing photos from these performances in the coming weeks.

For those who didn’t hear at the time, 2016 was the last Treefest. Next year’s August Bank Holiday at the Arboretum will be the same as any other weekend. It is a shame to lose this event from the calendar, but the local music scene isn’t going to vanish because of it, and that means The 4014 Project isn’t going to disappear either!


Our line-up of local musicians once again proved to be a big hit with the Westonbirt crowds.

We have begun uploading official images from the Royal Oak Stage. There’s still more to come, but you can check out the first batch of pics now.

Previous Years

We know you lovely people like to look back through our old line-ups and photo galleries, which is why we leave details from previous Treefest’s online for all to see.

You can search through thousands of photographs, find videos of performers and look up artist details right here.

Music Queries

When it comes to choosing who gets to take to the Royal Oak stage over the
August Bank Holiday, we are incredibly picky, and have all kinds of rules that
we stick to.

If you are a performer, you can find out more about how to apply for Treefest via this link. By the time you read this, it’s highly likely that we’ll have a full line-up for this year, but you can always get in touch with us for 2017, or to find out if The 4014 Project is working with any other festival teams that might be interested in your music.

Official Site

We are a collective of music-lovers who call ourselves The 4014 Project. We provide the live music to Treefest.

It’s great that the music element of Treefest has grown so successfully over the last five years, but we are still only a small part of the Treefest team. You can find the official Westonbirt Arboretum website here. This will give you information about all of the other activities you’ll find over the course of the weekend.

2016 offerings include the Love Food Festival, Stroud Brewery, dozens of arts and crafts producers, tree climbing, den building, a steam driven sawmill, and the arboretum itself.


The Royal Oak barn The Royal Oak Stage at dusk