Home to the live music line-up of Westonbirt Arboretum’s Treefest weekend.

We are proud to manage one of the most coveted local music festival stages of the season.

Treefest and The 4014 Project

The 4014 Project

27 - 29 August 2016

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The 4014 Project

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Music Queries

To save you the trouble of asking, here’s some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive about the Royal Oak stage at Treefest. Remember, for information about the rest of the festival, refer to the official Treefest website.

Can I play at Treefest?

If you are interested in playing at Treefest, and many are, you are welcome to get in touch with us at The 4014 Project. But first, make sure you meet the following criteria - If you don’t, it’s unlikely we’ll consider your act:

- You MUST be from the local area (Wilts, Glos, Swindon, Bristol, Worcs, SE Wales)

- You MUST play folk, blues or acoustic and you must play original material

- You MUST be really lovely in real life (because if we run background checks and find out you’re a diva, we won’t be impressed!)

As well as the above, we usually prioritise acts who we’ve seen in the flesh, so it’s worth letting us know about your upcoming gigs so we can try to make it along.

Can I be part of the Treefest crew?

You’d need to speak to the team at Westonbirt Arboretum about volunteering to help at the festival. Our dedicated crew of roadies and runners at The Royal Oak stage are all part of the ‘4014 Family’ - you’d need to get to know us and show your competency before we’d consider any outside help at Treefest. Look out for upcoming 4014 events and introduce yourself!

Can I turn up on the day and play?

Maybe, but not on the main stage. The Treefest music line-up is the result of months of hard work and planning.

If the weather’s nice we’ll usually be on the lookout for buskers to perform unplugged around the arboretum. Also, if you’re around in the evenings we have been known to run a micro-stage for impromptu performances. It’s best to ask us about this kind of thing on the day, as it’s difficult to plan things which are unscripted!

It’s also worth noting that there’s no free entry for buskers unless we’ve agreed with you previously.

Where can I get more information about that singer?

Hmm, not sure which singer you mean - but try this link. It contains information about all performers at Treefest since we first joined the team in 2011.

Can we run DJ sets at night?

Not sure you’ve understood the idea of Treefest - that would stick out like a sore thumb! Also, we have a curfew of 10pm for our big speakers, otherwise we’d be keeping the campers awake and scaring off the wildlife.

Treefest sign from main road