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The 4014 Project


Who Are We?

The 4014 Project is a musically minded community group - funded by donations and managed by volunteers - which aims to promote, highlight and encourage live music in North Wiltshire and Southern Gloucestershire.


The idea for the Project originated in September 2004 with a music section on a local, now defunct, website in Malmesbury. Realizing this regular article was quite unique, we decided to launch it as its own entity. The 4014 name was dreamt up, plans were put in place to cover remits and tasks, and then we sought funding to buy some equipment to help get the Project up and running. This came in the form of two grants from the Jack Lane Trust and the C&G Rural Initiative Fund.

Twelve months after 4014’s first appearance, we successfully hosted our first Open Mic night to raise money for the Malmesbury Carnival. The unexpected swathes of musicians and spectators told us that more performances were definitely the way forward. Since that night we have tried to hold Open Mic nights every month, never going to the same venue twice in a row. We aim to only host Open Mic nights in towns and villages where musicians rarely get the chance to perform in public.


In 2006 we took our promotion ideas a stage further and produced a compilation CD of local talent featuring all original pieces. Again, this CD was produced as a charity fundraiser for the Malmesbury Carnival, and copies are still available to buy via this website.

In 2007 we experimented with a two hour radio show on Corinium Radio in Cirencester. In line with 4014’s ambitions the show featured nothing but local talents, recordings from venues and gig listings.

In 2009 we began broadcasting a weekly podcast of local music, news and gig dates for the area. This 30 minute show is available online and on FM in Stroud and Swindon.

In 2010 we branched out into festivals, running the second stage at the SOLAM Festival. This was followed in 2011 by The 4014 Project winning the contract to provide live, local music to Westonbirt Arboretum’s Treefest festival. This successful weekend meant we have been invited back every year since!


This website, and the Project itself, wouldn't survive if it wasn't for all the continued support we receive from local musicians and music-lovers from professional recording companies to people who have never played publicly before. Their commitment to 4014 shows just how strong the music scene is in the area and we're proud to be doing all we can to support it.

We continue to move on with 4014 - not with the intention of making money out of it - but to make sure we are continuing to offer musicians a platform to get their songs heard. Open Mic nights are getting more common in the area now, so we are looking to the future with more broadcasting opportunities, getting involved with more festivals, and other ideas to ensure music stays live, local and loved in the district.

Who Are We?

Corky playing at Rose and Crown Malmesbury - Aug 2006