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The 4014 Project


iTunes Error:

Our techie experts tell us there is such a thing as a ‘4014 Error’ on iTunes.

It’s when something in your iPhone hardware stops the software from upgrading successfully… or something like that. Definitely nothing to do with us!

The truth behind the name

Many people who get involved with The 4014 Project have an overwhelming urge to ask the same question: "Where does the name come from?". It's a valid question; '4014' doesn't really have any musical ties.

So to keep you all in the loop, here's a few possibilities to ponder over...

Your theories please… hello@4014.co.uk

Why call it ‘4014’?

Big Boy 4014:

The 'Big Boy' 4014 was one of the 25 largest trains ever built.

In early forties Utah, these beasts of the railway operated through the Wasatch Mountains. Over 21 years, the 4014 clocked up more than a million miles. Only eight survive today, including the 4014, which is on show at the Los Angeles County Fairplex. Info from the JLS Railway.

4014 Asteroid:

4014 Heizman, which is an outer main-belt asteroid discovered on September 28, 1979 by Chernykh, N.

Tektronix 4014:

Released in 1974, it was the first computer terminal to feature a Direct View Bistable Storage Tube - perfect for drawing vectors and CAD images.

The unique command set featured on the 4014 model and became a standard which is found in today's PC's. Affectionately known by 70's IT types as the ‘mean green flashing machine’ because the green screen flickered while purging images.

Image: Tektronix / Chilton Computing

4014 8-Bit Shift Register:

According to Doctronics, "The 4014 is a fully synchronous 8-bit shift register with eight parallel inputs (P0 P7), a serial data input (DS), a low to high edge-triggered clock input (CP) and parallel outputs from the last three stages (O5-O7)."

I think that's something to do with a circuit board.

Burberry 4014:

In the world of fashion, the Burberry 4014 sunglasses have gradient lenses and a brown plastic frame.

They are no longer part of the current range, but are still available on eBay for around $50.

Tektronix 4014

4014 Roads:

In the UK, the A4014 runs from Pershore to the A449 junction near Little Malvern.

The B4014 runs from Malmesbury to the A46 junction in Nailsworth.